Gurbani De Kautak (Miracles of Gurbani)

This DVD film is based on the true experiences of those patients, who were suffering from incurable diseases. When every type of medical treatment failed to cure, they some how got in touch with Gurbani with some friend or relatives timely advice & just by listening to Gurbani for some period of time, most of them got cured completely. Their true experiences are dramatized in this film & they them selves also testify the same fact about their disease, process of cure, disappointments, helplessness & finally the divine blessings of Gurbani, which cured & saved them from indescribable sufferings. This film can change any ones perspective towards life & God. After watching this film, most of the viewers feel that their way of prayer & visiting the Gurdwaras or any place of worship has changed. Their faith got strengthened about the powers & existence of Waheguru, which has contributed further to make them better human beings.

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