Special Focus - Historical

  • During a fierce battle being fought between the Mughal army and the Sikhs at Sri Anandpur Sahib, a Seva Panthy Sikh (Service personnel) Bhai Kanahaiya Ji, who was supposed to provide water and first aid to the wounded Sikh soldiers, was providing water and first aid to the soldiers of the enemy also. Guru Sahib Summoned Bhai Kanahaiya, when some Sikh worriers brought this fact to His notice. Bhai Kanahaiya Ji told Guru Sahib, while explaining his state of mind that “I see the reflection of you my master in each and every wounded soldiers, hence no one remains enemy or stranger to me. What should I do my lord when you your self have taught me this lesson that all human beings are equal.” On hearing these profound words from his devout Sikh, Guru Sahib embraced Bhai Kanahaiya Ji and said, “you are the blessed one my son, who have deeply understood the true meaning of my Sikhism.” It is very rare to find such historical incidents of humanity world over.

  • Two out of the ten Sikh gurus had to fight various defensive battles, which were always forced on them by the tyrant invaders and ruthless rulers of their times, but both the Gurus never attacked any one first through out their lives and even after winning any battle, they never captured even a single inch of land of the neighboring aggressors. The Gurus had given strict instructions to their saint soldiers that they will not kill any soldier of the enemy, who is running away from the battlefield and they will never indulge in looting or raping women after being victorious. One will rarely find such an example of high principals of battle and self-defense in the history of the world.

  • No war in Sikh religious history was ever fought over a woman, land, and treasure or to establish supremacy, like most of the other wars in the history of the world. This unique feature can also be found only in the Sikh history, which makes them distinct from rest of the world.

  • Even during various defensive battles with the aggressors, when ever any general of the enemy challenged the Gurus for a combat, (one to one battle) the Gurus accepted the same but always gave the challenging general the first opportunity to attack them as per the true Sikh tradition and principal of battle, which does not permit one to attack even the enemy first. There are historical evidences that one challenging mughal general was so moved by Guru Sahib’s gesture that he deserted the mughal army and fought against the mughal after joining Guru Sahib’s army. In a similar kind of incident, when during a fierce battle, another general challenged the Guru for a combat and the Guru gave him similar option to attack him first, he just surrendered in front of the Guru. These kinds of unusual examples of battle principals are very rare and are not to be found else where, in the history of the world.

  • Baba Banda Singh Bahadar, a great saint worrier and conqueror was being tortured in the most inhuman way by the Mughals but he showed no trace of remorse on his face. Then finally the Mughals asked him about the secret of his unusual calm behavior. They wondered, how come after so much barbaric torture and the certainty of a horrifying death in the near future, he could still have a subtle smile of contentment on his face? Baba Banda Singh Bahadar replied to them “Unfortunately while carrying out the commandments of my Guru, some innocents also became the victims along with all the others, who deserved the punishment for their misdeeds and besides that I had temporarily gone stray due to my victories all over instead of sticking to the commandments of my Guru. I have realized my mistakes and sins hence I know what kind of severe punishment I deserve. You all may try to do your best by punishing and disgracing me to the maximum, but I know it will be still less then the punishment I deserve for my deeds.” This is another unusual historical chapter of the realization of a true Sikh, perhaps which will not be found elsewhere in the history of the world.

  • A great Sikh General Hari Singh Nalua, was famous for his bravery and battle strategies. He was the only one in history who could rule over Kabul (Afghanistan) after defeating the Pathans. One Afghan princes got so enamored by his bravery that she some how succeeded in organizing a secret meeting with the General Hari Singh Nalua. On meeting him face to face she expressed her desire to marry him but the Sikh General refused the proposal by telling her that he is already married and as per his Guru’s commandments a Sikh cannot marry two women at the same time. After the refusal of her proposal the princes took a promise from the Sikh General that if he cannot marry her then he must not say no to her second proposal. When the general gave her his promise not to disappoint her the second time, then she asked him that she wants to have a brave son like him. The Sikh General thought for a moment and then fulfilled his promise and said “if you want a son like me then from now onwards I am your son” and he touched her feet pronouncing her his mother. This is an unparallel historical example of the character of a Sikh General not too easily found elsewhere in the history of the world.

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