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A Special Message for you!...

  1. If every Sikh could buy one DVD of every Sikh historical film available on this site, the entire Sikh religious history can be preserved & projected in the right perspective through the electronic media, in due course of time.

  2. As per our humble submission, if any one finds any other better film than the films we have made on the similar subjects the money paid by any such person will be refunded.

  3. Every Sikh must know this hard fact that Sikhs are far behind in preserving & projecting their unique history, in comparison to most of the other communities all over the world.

  4. A father of a catholic church stated after reading the entire Sikh history that "all the Sikh will go to hell for not projecting their blood soaked unparallel unique history in front of the entire world."

  5. The father further stated that "we had just one Jesus Christ & we have spread Christianity all over the world, but the Sikh history is full of great martyrs & yet hardly any body knows about it." It is a matter of great shame for all the Sikhs.

  6. As per the Saints, most of us are dead, who are living only for our selves, our families & relatives. The alive ones in real sense are those, who are making some selfless sacrifices for others, humanity or society. We are looking for some Alive Sikhs to join us!

  7. Only two kinds of people become the inseparable part of their history, the ones who create the history & those who preserve it. The creators have already created our history with their blood & it's our turn now to preserve it, before it's too late.
  8. All the Sikhs all over the world must realize the need of the time. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji realized it and travelled all over, up to Sri Lanka & Macca-Madina for the projection of Sikhism and to show the right path of spiritualism to this world. Sri Guru Hargobind Ji realized the need of time and introduced the concept of Miri Peeri in our religion. When Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji realized the need of time, He created the Saint Soldiers from Nirmal Panthi Sikhs of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Today, we must realize the need of the hour and use electronic Media to project our unique history and religion, in the right perspective, in front of the entire world. Gurudwara Sahibaan are the ideal centers of projecting Sikhism to begin with, but the Gurudwara committees have to realize the need of electronic media for the proper projection of our religion in front of the modern world through modern means. But to make it happen faster, each and every Sikh will have to convince the Gurudwara committee of his/her own area to open up for the use of modern means like film and television to project our unparallel history and religion so that people stop confusing the Sikhs with any other community or making such remark that “Sikhism is one of the best kept secrets till date”. Try to convince the committee of the Gurudwara of your area about the above-mentioned need of the hour & get back to us at sikhfilms@gmail.com

  9. The Purpose of making the film Khalsa & other films on our history according to our humble thinking, understanding and research, if the Khalsa history is not to be repeated again, then there is a great need of showing it to the whole world again and again. So that every Sikh, who is an heir to such a unique history, which is soaked in rivers of blood and full of countless sacrifices and martyrdom, can thus claim the pride of place, status, right, respect and honor, which are due to them not only from today but also since many centuries. And to get their rightful place the Sikhs had to transform them selves from the extremely humble Sikhs of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in to the brave Saint Soldiers of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

    Through this historical film of ours, we have tried to document the Sikh history, which is full of sacrifices with the help of descriptive paintings into a truthful historical testimony, that will put to shame, not only the petty politics of today but also many past centuries of inhuman injustices. Wherever a Guru’s Sikh comes face to face with this matchless and proud historical heritage, he should be overwhelmed with pride and experience the honor of the Sikhs rising to great heights.

    Whenever time will sit in judgment and turn the pages of the history of India, which is soaked in the blood of devout Sikhs, perhaps then only the real price and true value of each drop of every Sikh’s blood will be realized, the blood, that has been spilt from the beginning till today for our country, religious faith and to protect the self-respect of humanity.

“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.”
“The Khalsa is of Almighty God, And to Almighty God, the Victory.”

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