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Humility, secularism & equality have got a very special place in Sikhism. We have some unusual incidents and certain observations that can perhaps portray the height of humility in Sikhism and its unparallel uniqueness. Once, Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s son Baba Sri Chand Ji visited the 4th Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji and asked him, why is he supporting such a long beard? On hearing this, Guru Ram Ji replied, “To dust (clean) the feet of great Saints like you”. And as the Guru went down to clean his feet with his beard, Baba Sri Chand Ji hugged the Guru and said, “Thank you for making me realize that humility can also have such peaks and dimensions too”! It is very rare to find this kind of an example in humility anywhere else in other religions of the world.

  • Once Bhai Daatu Ji, the son of the 2nd Guru, Guru Angad Dev Ji, kicked the 3rd Guru, Sri Guru Amar Dass Ji with his feet due to extreme jealousy and anger but in reaction to this insult in front of the entire congregation, Guru Sahib held the feet of Bhai Daatu and asked him with utmost concern and humility, “I am sorry I am too old and my bones have become very hard, I hope your feet did not get hurt my dear Daatu Ji”! Very rarely one can find such an example of humility in other religions of the world.

  • Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji the 5th Guru made a Muslim Fakir Saeen Mian Meer put the first foundation brick of Sri Harimandar Sahib,(The Golden Temple) to establish this fact forever, that secularism is one of the fundamental principals of Sikhism. It is a rare and unique example of secularism, where the first foundation brick of a supreme place of worship was laid down by a Muslim saint who was from another religion.

  • The holy Baani (hymns) of various saints from other religions have been compiled in the Holy Scriptures of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the esteemed and supreme Guru of the Sikhs. This is another such unusual example of equality and secularism, which is rare to be found anywhere else in today’s world.

  • The base of Sri Harimandar Sahib (The Golden Temple) was purposely chosen to be lower then its surrounding areas by Guru Sahib to give more emphasis on humility. Today if you visit Harimadar Sahib for Darshan you have to climb down with humility and not climb up wards to pay your respects. This is another unusual highlight in Sikhism, rarely found elsewhere.

  • Sri Harimandar Sahib (The Golden Temple) has four entrances in four directions, to signify the truth in Sikhism, that the place of worship is open to the entire humanity with out any kind of discrimination of cast, creed, religion or color. In Sikhism, all human beings are equal and welcome to their place of worship from anywhere in the world. This kind of open invitation on the basis of equality to all human beings in a supreme place of worship is a very unique religious philosophy to be rarely found elsewhere.

  • Langar (Community kitchen) is another unusual religious concept in Sikhism, where every one is be served free food in all the places of worship, with out any kind of discrimination of cast, creed, religion, color or origin. Any one can walk in to a Langar Hall in any of the Gurudwras (places of worship) all over the world and he will be served (Langar) food with utmost humility and enthusiasm. All are made to sit in a Pangat (Row) to signify equality and eat Guru’s Langar with a lot of respect. Besides this, in most of the Gurudwaras (Places of worship) all over the world, a place to stay is also provided free of charge. These are some of the rare religious highlights, which are perhaps only found in Sikhism.

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