Special Focus - Social

  • The total population of Sikhs is around 2% in comparison to the total population of India but as per the historical evidence, the sacrifices made by the Sikhs are more then 65% to 85% during the freedom struggle of India and in a couple of wars fought with the neighboring countries.

  • One of the famous battles fought at Saragarhi is a historical evidence in itself to prove that how brave the Sikhs are. It is a historical fact that a group of just 32 sikh soldiers fought against a strong army of 10,000 and even after the continous commands from the base unit that they can not send any enforcement in time hence they must retreat but these 32 Sikhs refused to retreat on the pretext that their Guru never taught them to retreat or run away from the battle field. They fought with extreme courage and bravery till their last breath and held the fort. Although the last soldier was just a signalman, who sent back a signal that all others have attained martyrdom and now he is going for it. All these thirty-two Sikhs sacrificed their lives and they were honored by the British Government with the Victoria Cross, which is the highest honor a soldier can attain in the army. The chapter of their bravery is still being taught in France to the school kids as one of the bravest races.

  • As per the general official observations the 2% Sikhs make the maximum contribution to feed the entire nation by the way of producing agriculture products.

  • It has been observed and experienced by various states of India that during any kind of natural calamity these 2% Sikhs are always in the forefront to provide any kind of help to the fellow country men in need, may it be storm hit Andhra Pradesh or earth Quake hit Gujrat.

  • It is a general belief and known fact that even after being just 2% in population, the Sikhs can be found all over the world in each and every country and are known for being very enterprising, sincere and hard working.

  • One will never find a Sikh begging any where in the world, such is the self respect and pride of the Sikhs, but at the same time it has also been observed that in Punjab the state dominated by Sikh population one will never find a starving suffering beggar because Sikhs are generous, kind, big hearted and charitable people.

  • The Langar (Community Kitchen) in all the Gurughars (Places of worship) all over the world are run by voluntary contributions and services provided by all the Sikhs, which offers free food (Langer) and shelter to all the visitors coming to the Gurughar with out any kind of discrimination of caste, creed, religion, origin or color, which is other wise quite prevalent in India.

  • Very often even the richest of the Sikhs visit the Gurughars to pay their respects and to do Seva (Service) which can vary from cleaning, washing utensils, cooking or serving food (Langar) to the sangat (congregation) besides polishing the shoes of all the visitors with utmost humility, respect and sincerity with out any kind of discrimination of caste, creed, color, religion or origin. Such esteemed stretcher is given to the service being done for humanity with extreme humility in Sikhism.

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