Sarvnash is a Docu-drama film on two VCDs against drug abuse. This film Sarvnash will guide the addicts in a various logical & practical ways to get rid of their addiction and inspire one & all to keep away from drugs by creating a positive fear of complete destruction due to drug addiction. This film can play an extremely important role to educate people about all those unknown dangerous aspects of drug addiction with in just about 1 hour 40 minutes, which are realized even by a drug addict after his complete destruction. This film will alert all the parents to keep a close watch on their children in order to find out the initial symptoms of drug addiction at the very beginning stage of this menace. This film will also inspire in a very systematic & logical way to all the viewers to get connected to their roots, values and religious faiths to be morally stronger to keep away from drugs. This kind of educational film about the drug abuse & its multidimensional aspects has been made for the first time. Most of the drug addicts & youngsters found this film extremely useful to quit drugs or keep away from any type of drug addiction. By buying it you will be contributing towards the protection of our future generation through the electronic media.

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